Any successful installs on a Broadcom HT1000 chipset?

Søren Schmidt sos at
Mon Nov 26 12:43:37 PST 2007

Mike Tancsa wrote:
> At 07:26 AM 11/21/2007, Barney Cordoba wrote:
>> I've done a bit of research and it seems that this
>> chipset has been ignored for years now by the FreeBSD
>> team. Whats the reasoning for a major chipset used by
> I think you are jumping to conclusions.  I have a HT1000 chipset board 
> and have been using it just fine for some time. 
> ( 
> There obviously are some cases were it does not, so its harder to 
> track down than just a case of spending $150.  If you do have such a 
> board that does not work, perhaps make the offer of sending the 
> problem board to a developer who is interested in fixing the issue.
That would be an excelent idea :)

As usual I'll try to get any ATA/SATA HW that shows up on my doorstep 
working, thats the deal.
I dont have the means nor the motivation to spend my own hard earned $$ 
on all kinds of HW to get someone out there free support, simple as that..

That said, I do have a HT1000 based board around a supermicro H8SSL that 
is used as a busy local fileserver, needless to say it works flawlessly.

So, to get this worked on and hopefully fixed, get me a failing board to 
work on here... private mail with address details etc can be had on 


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