Any successful installs on a Broadcom HT1000 chipset?

J. Martin Petersen jmp+lists at
Mon Nov 26 11:59:39 PST 2007

Barney Cordoba wrote:
 > Supermicro is a more important brand. They supply to
 > many large OEMs, including DELL. Dell's opteron
 > servers use the HT1000 chipset.

Just as a data point I'll note that HP uses them as well. For instance 
the Proliant DL145 G3 (which is dual socket, dual core Opteron) comes 
with HT1000 as the onboard SATA controller (unless you go for hot swap 
SATA, I think) and something similar as the PATA controller (and the 
cd/dvd-rom drive isn't detected).

(What we have tested is the following: FreeBSD {6.2-RELEASE, 7.0-BETA2} 
installed on /dev/ad4, create one big partition on /dev/ad6 (both 250 GB 
disks), newfs, mount then dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/foo bs=512k. After a 
while the machine panics and the superblock on /dev/ad6 is corrupted. If 
I omit newfs/mount, all is apparently well.)

Oh, if a committer needs remote access (ssh, remote kvm) to such a 
machine just send me an email and I'll set it up. Likewise if there's 
any patches to be tested or info to be gathered.


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