Is it possible to debug an AMD kernel on Intel

David O'Brien obrien at
Mon Nov 26 10:01:03 PST 2007

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 10:38:37PM +0900, gnn at wrote:
> or vice versa?  That is, can I do kgdb/gdb over serial from an Intel
> box to an AMD box?

This question make no sense.  Of course you can debug a kernel on an
Intel system using an AMD system.  There isn't anything CPU vendor
specific within a single architecture that would affect you doing this.

But I don't think that's really your question.  I think you're asking if
you can debug a FreeBSD/i386 kernel using a FreeBSD/amd64 system.  I.e.
cross-platform debugging.

The answer is "no" using stock FreeBSD bits.
A single GDB binary cannot be built multi-platform.

-- David  (obrien at

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