Does sysinstall conflict with nfe device?

Remko Lodder remko at
Sun Nov 25 11:45:27 PST 2007

Hyogeol Lee wrote:
> Dear All,
> I've been using 8 -current/amd64. I tested 7.0 Beta 3 i386
> on this weekend, but I had trouble with nfe device in install.
> cpu : amd64
> test : 7.0 Beta 3 i386
> partition :
> ad0s1 Win
> ad0s2 Win
> ad0s3 FreeBSD data for 8 -current/amd64
> ad0s4 Destination to install
> ad1s1 FreeBSD 8 -current/amd64
> 1. Cannot lookup ftp site in media selection.
> I selected ftp passive, nfe device, and setup network properly
> but paused in lookup site process. I interrupted process by
> Ctrl-C, and select restart install. After restart install, I could
> connect ftp site by same procedure, but I got many
> 'symlink failed, no inodes free' message and I could not install
> anything.
> These errors were same when I tried 6.2 i386 after that.
> 2. Signal 11 at port indexing
> When I setup network with nfe before install process by emergency
> shell, I could pass install. But I got signal 11 at ports indexing
> procedure,
> so I could not complete install.
> I could install completely by setup network with nfe before install
> process
> by emergency shell and install base and kernel only.
> Is there any problem with nfe device with sysinstall ?


In my experience this is not driver related; but it might be
because of the DNS lookup for the FTP server taking some
time, I have the same problem as you mention every now
and then (even at work with supported hardware); when I
restart the server and restart the setup (not aborting and
retrying, that confuses sysinstall), it works correctly, or
using the IP address mostly helps very fine as well.

So, no there are no known issues with if_nfe with sysinstall
as far as I know, it's odd behaviour from sysinstall somehow
(please someone correct me if i am wrong :-))


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