Can not boot 7.0-BETA3 with puc

Frank Behrens frank at
Sun Nov 25 04:46:40 PST 2007


thanks for your explanation.

Marcel Moolenaar <xcllnt at> wrote on 24 Nov 2007 10:20:
> No, it isn't. The puc(4) driver can have different children.  
> Currently, it
> can have 3 different children. Standard bus probing determines which
> driver will attach. The puc(4) driver does not care about unit numbers  
> for
> the simple reason that it doesn't care about which driver attaches.

OK. I interpret this as: It is not puc's problem, which sio units are asssigned, it is the job for 
the sio driver itself.

Then may I ask the question to the community:

How do I setup my 7.0 configuration, that it is the same as in 6.x (POLA)?
The serial devices on motherboard should be attached to sio0 and sio1, where sio0 is the 
console. The external PCI card with additional serial ports should be attached to subsequent 
sio units. 

When the loader uses sio0 as console and puc/sio assigns later sio0 to an external port this 
is definitely wrong. Anyway this stops the boot sequence.

Is this an error in the sio(4) driver which was not detected until 7.0? I have in device.hints the 
default entries"isa"

and the puc(4) port is assigned to sio0.

Frank Behrens, Osterwieck, Germany
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