7.0-BETA3 (amd64): interrupt storm on atapci0

Martin Matuska mm at FreeBSD.org
Sat Nov 24 12:18:05 PST 2007

Sorry, the "rate" of "vmstat -i" is undocumented. I have read the
vmstat.c file and found out that "rate" it is the uptime average
so it has no effect. I will do some stress testing with dd
if=/dev/mirror/... of=/dev/null (this takes an interrupt rate
of about 14000 interrupts/second).

Martin Matuska  wrote / napísal(a):
> I have done some more investigation and have found out the following:
> - after doing a fresh restart, the "rate" reported in "vmstat -i" does
> not decrease. It keeps increasing slowly, when there is larger interrupt
> activity on atapci0 (irq22)
> - "systat -vmstat" reports zero interrupts, and "vmstat -i" reports this
> increasing rate
> - when utilizing the disks at 100% (copying large files) the interrupt
> rate is about 2300, which is truly high, but this correct number is
> shown only in "systat -vmstat"

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