Buildworld failures - 6.3-PRE

韓家標 Bill Hacker askbill at
Sat Nov 24 00:32:21 PST 2007

Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> Several things:
> 1. The -current cvsup (at least on seems to be
> working now

Likewise, 8-head just built,

... save for the by-now-expected toggle between ad6 / ad10 (or wahtever CMFM 
IHC9 does) with each alternate build cycle.

Rebooting to a maintenance partition with an editor applied to what it mounts as 
/64root/etc/fstab takes care of that.

I should probably script the 'toggle' and do it to /etc/fstab before rebooting 
so I don't get my underwear wrapped around the rear axle on remote boxen..



>>> But AFAIK it breaks a lot of other stuff that depends on tcsh or
>>> tcsh-as-csh.
>> Nothing in the tree depends on csh. I've run into a couple ports that
>> have a build dependency on it, but I can't remember any off hand.
>> hth,
>> Doug

At least one of which I actually use, though I can't remember which either...

D'ruther see it fixed (still broken in RELENG_6 as of an hour ago...)


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