Buildworld failures -6.3-PRE

韓家標 Bill Hacker askbill at
Fri Nov 23 22:28:46 PST 2007

Doug Barton wrote:
> 韓家標 Bill Hacker wrote:
>> Many such,
>> Wearing out my csup welcome for 'RELENG_6'.
>> Same or similar error when attempting to regress to 'RELENG_6_2'
>> : undefined reference to `__mb_sb_limit'
>> *** Error code 1
> Have you cleaned out /usr/obj/ ? That's always the first place to
> start when you see problems of this type, especially in a -stable
> branch. You might also want to do
> 'cd /usr/src && make cleandir ; make cleandir'
> (yes, I meant to type it twice).
> hth,
> Doug

Thanks, but..

'Old age and treachery...' being what they are,

.. at the second, if not first, sign of problems I simply nuke and mkdir 
/usr/src and /usr/obj, so no longer a Makefile there to do the 'cleandir' with 
nor a dirtree to target.


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