SCHED_ULE & niceness / rtprio

Michal Varga varga.michal at
Tue Nov 20 21:26:53 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-11-20 at 14:08 -1000, Jeff Roberson wrote:

> I definitely knew about problems with positively niced tasks.  I had not 
> heard about the negative nice problems.  This is my top priority as far as 
> opensource goes.  I've been unfortunately busy with other things however. 
> I hope to get to this soon.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
Just for the record, I have one user here claiming the same symptoms.
His description exactly matches that of Yar Tikhiy, sound popping when
switching windows in Gnome, clicking url in browser, etc. But there are
few diferences:

- Switching ULE for 4BSD does nothing for him, he says the sound
jerkiness is still there, unchanged.

- He didn't play manually with any particular niceness, everything
running in default priorities. I let him test sound in totem, audacious
(with various buffer sizes), then mplayer from console, without GUI.. No
difference, sound pausing in every one.

Another problem I see is that he is using the *exact* custom built and
tuned FreeBSD configuration that I've deployed on a number of other
machines and I just can't replicate any of the symptoms. From and old
Pentium 3, through x86 Athlons, dual core AMD64 (with either smp or up
kernel), some sort of Sempron+nforce3 - there is no single other place
I'm aware of that this happens, only this particular guys hardware.

Did you guys with the symptoms tried to cross-check your hardware lists
to see if you don't have something in common?


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