who do I report this to?

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 20:53:28 PST 2007

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Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 10:57:08PM -0500, Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>> Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>>> Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 02:11:42AM -0500, Aryeh M. Friedman
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Who do I report the following issue to (it falls into at
>>>>> least 3 camps)?
>>>>> If I am downloading a torrent in deluge *AND* am
>>>>> logged into gmail (*WITH* a chat open) my network
>>>>> connection looses about 90% of it's capacity (for all
>>>>> applications), re(4) with the following:
>>>>> rgephy0: <RTL8169S/8110S/8211B media interface> PHY 1 on
>>>>> miibus0 rgephy0:  10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 100baseTX,
>>>>> 100baseTX-FDX, 1000baseT, 1000baseT-FDX, auto
>>>>> After some experimenting this problem *only* occurs under
>>>>> the above conditions.
>>>>> Addtional info:
>>>>> gnome 2.20.1 nv driver (latest) Xorg 7.3
>>>> Would you show me more details(network configuration)? Since
>>>> re(4) is involved here I'd like to know what caused the
>>>> issue. If you disable checksum offload does it get better
>>>> performance?(#ifconfig re0 -txcsum)
>> I am going to reboot to see if this clears but I noticed this
> You don't need to reboot at all after chainging checksum offload
> configuration. Does re(4) spit some messages like watchdog timeout?
>  If not I have no clue yet.

I was not rebooting only to clear the error but also had just
completed a buildkernel/installkernel
>> happening also:
>> monster# !! cvsup -h cvsup10.us.freebsd.org
>> /usr/share/examples/cvsup/cvs-supfile Connected to
>> cvsup10.us.freebsd.org Updating collection src-all/cvs Edit
>> src/lib/libc/rpc/key_prot_xdr.c,v Edit
>> src/lib/libc/rpc/rpc_callmsg.c,v Edit
>> src/lib/libc/rpc/rpc_prot.c,v Edit src/lib/libc/rpc/rpcb_prot.c,v
>>  Edit src/lib/libc/rpc/rpcb_st_xdr.c,v Edit
>> src/lib/libdisk/libdisk.h,v Edit src/lib/libgssapi/Makefile,v
>> Edit src/lib/libkse/Makefile,v TreeList failed: Network write
>> failure: Connection closed
> Sorry, I don't know Modular3 language, so I don't know what socket
> operation was failed. If remote end closed the connection it
> wouldn't be fault of re(4). You can check it with tcpdump.

Next time any errors occur (and/or slowdowns) I will turn checksum
off...  but for the time being after I sent that mail I just
remembered to other issues I had:

1. Using ftp(1) to upload my site some files where garbbaged,
incomplete and/or had too much/little data in them... attempted
reuploads corrected this but it was luck of the draw for any given
upload... problem also occured in filezilla

2. When browsing my site (but not other ones) after a
garbaged/whatever upload would produce different results on each
reload even if the source file had not been reuploaded (this is true
even for files that where corrected uploaded)

All issues listed so far are cleared by reboots but no other action
(have not tried -txcsum)

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