dmesg messed up with ZFS

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Tue Nov 20 07:09:17 PST 2007

On 11/20/07, Joao Barros <joao.barros at> wrote:
> I upgraded my sources to 7.0 BETA2 at the time and noticed today
> something in my dmesg near the ZFS messages, see below:
> ZFS storagead0: 305245MB <Seagate ST3320620AS 3.AAK> at ata0-master SATA150
>  pool version 6

This is a known problem, and it happens occasionally where two
messages are interleaved, it's not trivial to solve in a generic and
efficient way.

Here's another example that was reported on the stable list recently:

> kernel: _GFELOUMS_HJ OnUoRtN AsLu:p pJoorutrenda lb y 3a3a7c2d819s325.22

if you read every other letter, you will see that it is 2 messages.


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