congrlations to the freebsd developers

Andrew Reilly andrew-freebsd at
Mon Nov 19 17:06:35 PST 2007

>     3. The issues with nvidia kernel module on amd64 (alternativelly
> does anyone know how hard it would be to get bettern 1024x768 with nv?)

I used to be able to get nv to do 1280x1024, with my 6600LE
graphics card.  I could never convince it to do 1600x1200, the
native resolution of my LCD panel, though.  Claimed to be
limited by BIOS setting, whatever that means.

There was, and is, however, a funky booting issue: sometimes nv
would not get the card set up right, and all I would see was
blocky-wrong-raster-ish screen noise.  That would go away if
I switched to vesa mode (which has always worked reliably for
me) and back again.  Sadly that fix doesn't work since the last
upgrade (from 7.2 to 7.3), seemingly, so I'm stuck with vesa at
1280x1024, which is tollerable for my purposes, given how fast
the processors are.

Actually, I don't have that at the moment, either: something
broke GNOME at the ORB level, seemingly, after I upgraded to
RELENG_7...  I'm fighting with portupgrade at the moment...

Hopefully it'll all come good again once it's been re-built...



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