UPDATE: IHC9(R)/P35 w/ SATA cd/dvd issues

Kevin Oberman oberman at es.net
Mon Nov 19 13:15:46 PST 2007

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> Where the saga left off:
> 1. With OEM DVD-RW on a P35/IHC9(R) [MSI Neo-F mobo] any attempt at
> I/O under 8-CURRENT AMD64 produced timeouts (i386 also but less
> severe) infinite loops
> 2. Problem was narrowed down to be potentially related to either SATA
> CD's in general or IHC9(R)
> 3. Jeremy Chadwhick sent me a Plextor PX-755A (SATA/150 DVD+/-RW) to
> attempt to isolate the problem
> 4. All ata patches have been applied up through Thurs. (currently
> doing a buildworld/kernel with the new stuff)
> The drive arrived and the following is the result:
> 1. Reads and writes fine for CD's
> 2. Does not write DVD's
> 3. Untested DVD reading
> 4. Does not create a /dev/dvdX (some documentation leads me to believe
> it should exist but I might be wrong)

Just for the record, /dev/dvd is net created by default, although many
video and audio tools use it as a default device.

To get /dev/dvd, add the following to /etc/devfs.conf:
link   cd0	 dvd

This will add a symlink to /dev/dvd whenever /dev/cd0 is present at boot

You may also want to add:
perm	cd0   0666
perm	pass0 0666

to allow general user access to the DVD for both reading and writing.

You can use devfs.rules to set the permissions to a drive connected
after boot, but devfs.rules lacks the ability to create the symlink. You
can create it with 'ln -s', though, if you have root access.
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