Setting LANG=sv_SE.ISO_8859-1 breaks 7.0 buildworld

Niclas Zeising niclas.zeising at
Sun Nov 18 08:33:40 PST 2007

Andrey Chernov wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 04:12:31PM +0100, Henrik Bergkvist wrote:
>> Since SAOL 13:th edition it's changed. They now consider it two different 
>> characters, so I guess the correct way is to not sort it as the same 
>> anymore.
>> References in swedish.
> Could you (or anybody) translate interesting parts into English please?
> And when the change happens? So, I'll be able to correct sv_SV collating 
> then.

I'll give the translation a go, it's not literal, so it's more like a 
summary in english rather than a translation.
The first link is from Swedish wikipedia.
It states that W was until 2006 counted as a variant of V and sorted 
together with W, but in the 2006 edition of SAOL, which is a Swedish 
dictionary many in Sweden consider to be the general Swedish language 
reference, W was moved to it's own section and sorted as in the English 
world. That was mainly due to a lot of new borrowed words starting in 
'w', such as webben (the web, when speaking of www).
After that there is a brief history about the letter W, nothing 
interesting in this discussion.

The next link is from a Swedish news paper called "Dagens Nyheter" 
(Todays News or News of Today)
The article was published april 21 2006 and mostly states the same as 
the wikipedia article. It also talks a bit more about the new edition of 
SAOL and has some comments from one of the people working in the 
committee responsible for SAOL.

I can translate them more throughoutly if you need, but I think this is 
enough to get what's important here.

So in general, W has become it's own letter in Swedish as well, but it 
will probably take a long time (a decade at least) before this has been 
adopted everywhere.


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