wpa_supplicant in head

rmgls at free.fr rmgls at free.fr
Sun Nov 18 07:54:40 PST 2007

Hi all,
I investigated a little more, with my connection problem.
in fact, even with a world and a kernel of this morning, i cannot connect
to my AP, because this one is hidden, (the ssid is not transmitted in his frames).
and wpa_supplicant does not recognize it even indicating his bssid.
when it is not hidden, all works fine with all machines.
the problem occurs only when the AP is hidden.
Something has changed between the 30-9-2007 and the 27-10, date of my update.
i can confirm that world and kernel of 30-9 connected quite well even
with a hidden AP.

Here is the config:

Current, on two machines, (one laptop with the iwi driver,
and one smp with ath builtin on the motherboard.
i use wpa_supplicant with both, and nothing has changed in the config.
of course the config_file points to the ssid and psk is correct.
wpa_supplicant -d see the mac address but reports a bad ssid "" (hidden),
but the ssid of the AP is present.

With some help perhaps i can investigate furthermore and solve the problem.
Thanks in advance.

best regards
 Raoul rmgls at free.fr

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