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Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> On 2007-11-17 18:53, "Aryeh M. Friedman" <aryeh.friedman at>
> wrote:
>> M. Warner Losh wrote:
>>> You can run FreeBSD/i386 on amd64 boxes.
>> All the different methods people have suggested to me for doing
>> this has blown up.... also since I use a nvidia card it is almost
>> pointless unless I can run the nvidia kernel module.
> That's odd.
> The laptop I'm typing this is amd64-capable, but installing from
> the FreeBSD/i386 release CD-ROMs worked like a charm.  Which
> methods have you tried?

With 4GB and a E6850 (P35/IHC9(R)) almost all the pci devices I had
where reconized *EXCEPT* any nvdidia card under i386 this was
instantly "fixed" as soon I switched to amd64.   Even though I don't
feel like rehashing all the stuff that I had to go through to get some
stuff working (do a search for threads started by me) suffice it to
say that when  I first got the box 90% of the devices that the machine
came with either where not functional and/or had driver issues.
After working with the people on -current (and learning a fair amount
about the guts of FreeBSD) there are only 3 issues left:

    1. The NIC slowly dies (see "re(4) slowly dies")

    2. Problems reading/writting from dvd/cd (see the many threads on
ihc9 issues on -current [note to Jeremy the Phillips just arrived but
I am in the process of doing a portupgrade -afk so will test it tommorow])

    3. The issues with nvidia kernel module on amd64 (alternativelly
does anyone know how hard it would be to get bettern 1024x768 with nv?)

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