7.0-BETA2 routed and multicast registration

Bruce M. Simpson bms at icir.org
Sat Nov 17 05:18:25 PST 2007

Bruce M Simpson wrote:
> [* The Quagga maintainers should know better -- Linux is after all 
> their main development platform, and it has supported RFC 3678 for 
> some time now.]

Please see also:

The Quagga maintainers were aware of this 4-5 months ago, and that in 
order to correctly support OpenSolaris (as well as Linux and FreeBSD 7), 
RFC 3678 is the way to go.

[The reasons why SSM has historically not been well supported are, well, 
more political (i.e. money, control of bandwidth by capital) than 
technical... but... researching this further I leave to the kind readers!]

kind regards

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