Will 7-beta amd64 run on the old xeon?

韓家標 Bill Hacker askbill at conducive.net
Fri Nov 16 09:28:42 PST 2007

Artem Kuchin wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a dual CPU box with two xeon cpus.
> Those are XEON 2.66Ghz 512KB L2 cache,
> 533Mhz bus. sSpec Number: SL6GF
> CPUID String: 0F27h
> more info on:
> http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sspec=sl6gf
> Will amd64 architecture run on it? I could not find
> any data on EM64T support on it, so i don't think
> it is there.
> -- 
> Artem

I'm pretty certain it will NOT.

Worse - that's 130 nm wafer tech - pretty hot-running chunk of sand there.

Worse yet - ISTR those went into sockets/VR's that will NOT accept today's 
Core-2 and their Xeon cousins, so a server/MB of that genre is not a good 
investment if you have concerns - as we do - as to staying within the UPS budget 
of the rack lease.

In any case, current Intel OR AMD cache, bus & ram speeds let a cheaper Core-2 
on commodity MB eat that particular Xeon's entire daily meal ration.



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