FreeBSD corruption problems on barcelona

Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at
Tue Nov 13 04:32:04 PST 2007

* Jeff Roberson (jroberson at wrote:

> atapci0: <ServerWorks HT1000 SATA150 controller> port
> 0x6040-0x6047,0x6034-0x6037,0x6038-0x603f,0x6030-0x6033,0x6000-0x601f
> mem 0xd8300000-0xd8301fff irq 7 at device 14.0 on pci1

I'm pretty sure I've heard of corruption with this chipset in the past,

 "- the part that is replaced seems to be always 64KB big but doesn't
   begin on 64KB boundary
 - the data is usually replaced by \000s but sometimes it seems like
   a part of another file"

So probably not related to Barcelona.  We're expecting a batch of 2350's
"shortly", so I hope not :)

Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst

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