Problem compiling graid5

韓家標 Bill Hacker askbill at
Mon Nov 12 13:49:10 PST 2007

Henrik Bergkvist wrote:
> Arne W�rner wrote:
>> Oh no... :-)
>> It was a little different: The user-land tool was possibly the right 
>> one, but
>> "stop" behaved not like "destroy"... Both should have the same 
>> behaviour, but I
>> didnt add the "-y" feature to "stop"...
>> I uploaded the fixed version...
>> -Arne
> Now it works. But I have to specify -y otherwise it does nothing.
> Btw. how do I start a stopped device again except unload/load?
> /Henrik

Use two shells. Or an ssh session and a browser.

One to read the man page or 'how to' from the web.

The other to do what it says.


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