3dm2 "Maintenance" meanu disappeared!

Artem Kuchin matrix at itlegion.ru
Mon Nov 12 12:43:39 PST 2007

> On 11/12/07, Artem Kuchin <matrix at itlegion.ru> wrote:
>> I have updated 3dm, firmware and driver to the latest (tried 3dm from
>> ports and from 3ware.com, firmware from 3ware.com site and
>> driver from freebsd source cvs)
>> 9650SE-2LP
>> API
>> 3DM 2 version
>> However, when i move my mouse over "management" menu i only see to
>> submenu items:
>> Controller Settings
>> Scheduling
>> THERE IS NO "Maintenance" submenu.
>> ON another box with 8506 and 7xxx controller it is present. Also the
>> 3dm with same
>> controller under windows 2003 shows "Maintenance" submenu, but not
>> under FreeBSD.
>> ANy idea what's going on here? How to make "Maintenance"  submenu
>> appear under FreeBSD version of 3dm?
>> --
>> Artem

Manjunath R Gowda wrote:
> I'm connecting remotely through Internet explorer it shows all the
> three. Are you connecting remotely ? Which web  browser are you using

Please, don't top post.

Well, this is a stupid little bug in html/css of 3dm. If i set big font in MS IE
i simply don't see any "maintenance" menu option just like it was never
there. Setting normal font size fixes the problem.


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