routes from ippool.conf

Victor M. Blood freebsd at
Sun Nov 11 11:56:10 PST 2007

On 11.11.2007, Stefan Bethke wrote:
> Am 11.11.2007 um 03:23 schrieb Victor M. Blood:

>> Hi, All.
>> I need to adding static routes from some tables in /etc/ippool.conf,
>> may be it's require for any one and may be adding to rc scripts "for
>> use"... sorry for my programming for /bin/sh .

> I'm not sure I understand. What's wrong with static_routes in  
> rc.conf(5)?
I think, load rules with ippool - good idea, I have pool/homenet and
need to it anower gateway, thereis 24 subnet listed. If any subnet
changes I need to change ippool and rc.conf, I think that quite enough
change only ippool.conf, why routes couldnot be load from it?

I'm only send idea and think that it helps anyone in work.

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