a better lesskey helper

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Sat Nov 10 17:53:23 PST 2007

<descriptions of my 3 suggestions>
> None of that will happen.  You are free to use your own lesspipe.sh on
> your own system, or install sysutils/most from ports, but the base
> system's lesspipe.sh will not change, LESSOPEN will not be defined in
> the default environment, and zless will stay.

OK.  That's, I guess, what I was after.  It seems that some folks have 
lost my point, which was to see if there was any support for improving 
the currently installed lesspipe.sh.  Since we already had one, and the 
changes are clearly useful to programmers, it seemed a likely bet, but 
if you're that dead set against it, OK, it's dropped.

I got suggestions from several folks to do things like go look up other 
less users, but they didn't see that wasn't my intention, I wanted to 
see about improving our lesspipe.sh.  I actually still disagree, but 
it's surely not worth any more discussion.

It's dropped.  I'll just maintain my own here.  Easy enough to do.


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