a better lesskey helper

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Fri Nov 9 12:28:38 PST 2007

Nikolay Pavlov wrote:
> On Friday 09 November 2007 02:31:01 Chuck Robey wrote:
>> Well, I've taken a rather lengthy vacation from FreeBSD, trolling around
>> Linux, so I could try to see if I was right in my presonal prejudice of
>> FreeBSD being better.  While I did prove myself right there, I did
>> happen to find a few pearls (no, NOT perls!) of wisdom out amongst the
>> Linux-folks.  One of those pearls that I really do think we could stand
>> to bring aboard is a file "/usr/bin/lesspipe.sh"
> Hello Chuck.
> There is already such a file there. You just need to proper set an 
> environment: setenv LESSOPEN '|lesspipe.sh  %s'
> Also you can find a copy of such file from Debian distribution in 
> attachment.
the one I saw, after my buildworld, only performed automatic 
decompression of archives like *.tar.gz and *.tar.bz2 things, it did not 
do automatic objdump info runs on libraries and executeables.  Yours 
does this?  Confirm that for me by doing a "less /usr/bin/vi" and if 
less comes back with a "Binary file, are your sure?" then I'm right, but 
if it comes back with all the elf info, and then a listing of symbols, 
then I guess I would need to see why my own system did not do that.

I should not need that setenv, because it should have been in 
/etc/csh.cshrc so it works automatically.  Maybe, if you're telling me 
that it does it, then I needed merely to fix that.

It's possible, I could have assumed that since it wasn't in the 
/etc/csh.cshrc, it didn't exist.  I guess I need to see that.

OK, I just checked my sources, in /usr/src/usr.bin/less/lesspipe.sh.
Unless another file somewhere overwrites it, I'm right here.  Could you 
please check yourself on your system?

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