Remaining SATA (and other) issues

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Thu Nov 8 13:29:30 PST 2007

On Thu, 8 Nov 2007, S?ren Schmidt wrote:

SS> OK, here is what I've come up with so far, however I still can't reproduce
SS> the problem no matter what I try here.
SS> Anyhow, try the attached patch on a clean releng_7 and let me know how it
SS> works out (or not).
SS> Can all of you with promise problems please state exact motherboard and
SS> controller model so I can try to get together a failing setup given I have
SS> the HW or some kind soul gets it on my desk, thanks!


I have ZFS raidz1 pool on 6 disks distributed between 4 SATA channels on 
onboard MCP and 2 internal SATA channels of SATA300 TX4 on my test machine; 
before I had constant errors on ad12 and ad16 (machine is not under load, so 
no harm to actual data).


After you patch ad12 and ad16 have been recognized, but it seems driver 
changes some offsets, as there are no ad{12,16}a partitions anymore, and 
fdisk -s ad12 gives me

fdisk: invalid partition table found

while before it produced something like

/dev/ad4: 486344 cyl 16 hd 63 sec
Part        Start        Size Type Flags
   4:           0       50000 0xa5 0x80

(DD disks generated by bsdlabel -Bw adNN)

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