best way to configure a machine for kernel development

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Nov 7 07:10:44 PST 2007

On 2007-11-06 22:01, "Aryeh M. Friedman" <aryeh.friedman at> wrote:
> Configuring a machine properly to do this most effectivally I guess is
> the next step.  I only have one machine (I have some modest but
> non-critical production stuff that needs to continue working).  Some
> options I have come up with:
> 1. Just hack my current sources and keep diffs (some automated way would
> be nice of edit-->make diff)
> 2. Use QEMU to create a development machine
> 3. Someone said something about unionfs and/or using a cvs mirror but I
> missed that completely missed that

Start with "man -k develop" :)

It is a manpage written a long time ago, by Matt Dillon, which may be
useful for what you are trying to do.

It would be nice if you could set up network-booting in a second system,
though.  This way, all your file systems can be on the BOOTP/DHCP/NFS
server, so crashing the kernel doesn't risk as severe data-loss.

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