(URGENT/NEW) Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Wiki for discussing P35/IHC9(R)/SATA issues set up

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 23:08:06 PST 2007

Remko Lodder wrote:
> Hi.
> If this is a problem for you, use different tools for the time being, and
> care (/debug/advise about possible patches etc) for burncd. I see you
> making a lot of "this doesn't work, it sucks" kinda statements, but that
> is surely  not going to help anything at all.

Please stop me before I hurl an other keyboard across the room.... When
I orginially started this thread I said it was so I along with a group
of other SATA/IHC9/P35 owners could develop our *OWN PATCH*... how the
(*&(*& does it now get turned around that I am asking other people to do
my work for me.... if it wasn't for Xi Lin offering to do some patching
and me not wanting to step on his foot by doing duplicate work I would
probally be digging through the code right now... but it seems to me a
duplication of effort and potentially incompatible patchs so it is
better for me to just stay on the sideline.

> There are actually some reports in GNATS regarding burncd, if you would
> have cared to search around a bit first before posting your problems you
> would have seen that this is the case, and you could also have seen that
> some potential patches might fix the problems. It would have been much
> more interesting for us (imo) if you could have confirmed that these work
> or not.

It is not a burncd only issue... if you had done your research you would
of seen it also happens on reading cd's and any other tool that uses the
sata cd driver... and *YES* I did post a confirmation earlier (but not a
request for assistence) earlier in this very thread of the issues the
above issue that has been publically reported by at least 2 other people

> Then the most interesting part in your statement "this is become a super
> pressing issue forme becuase for business reasons I need to make a set of
> cd's ASAP ("yesterday" ;-))" => Then fund some developer to resolve this,
> if this is so important for you. Given that this is a voluntary project,
> people tend to work on topics that are of interest, or are "Documented"
> properly (good bug reports are more likely to be resolved then anything
> else) etc. You cannot demand or state that something is important for you,
> because it could not be important enough for the one doing the actual
> coding.

See above... also this arrived as I was having lunch and deciding to
dive into the ahci code as was pointed out by someone else to see why
all p35/sata devices are legacy and not ahci
> Ofcourse there are reportedly a couple of tools that you might be able to
> use: dvd+rw_tools, and cdrtools have some good reports around them (note
> that burncd works for most people as well, but for some they don't work
> that well, probably because of unknown or very new hardware).

It is a driver and not an app issue!

Aryeh M. Friedman
Developer, not business, friendly

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