[ANNOUNCEMENT] Wiki for discussing P35/IHC9(R)/SATA issues set up

Alexander Sabourenkov screwdriver at lxnt.info
Tue Nov 6 02:54:42 PST 2007

Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
> As far I can tell they are the worst of the lot... btw they have 2 new
> bios versions since I got mine but from there instructions I don't see
> how to flash it without:
> 1. Dos
> 2. A floppy

FreeDOS iso image and a small CDRW disk help a lot.

If you have an ATAPI CDROM, you can just add bios files to the iso image.

If only USB CDROM is available, then one needs to add them to the boot 
image that gets loaded off CD by the BIOS, but it's not too difficult 
this way either.



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