RT2560 disassociating

Matus Harvan mharvan at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 5 16:23:49 PST 2007


I have an Asus WL-107g PCMCIA card (RT2560)
ral0: <Ralink Technology RT2560> mem 0x88000000-0x88001fff irq 16 at device 0.0 on cardbus0
ral0: MAC/BBP RT2560 (rev 0x04), RF RT2525

The card can associate with an access point, but then disassociates
rather fast (before dhclient can finish). From ifconfig output it
seemed the card was scanning other channels, but disabling bgscan has
not helped. This is happening on 7.0-BETA1. The card works fine in
another laptop with 6.2-STABLE.

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