[RFT] Intel 3945abg wireless driver (wpi)

Benjamin Close Benjamin.Close at clearchain.com
Mon Nov 5 13:59:55 PST 2007

Tom Evans wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-11-05 at 14:49 +0000, Tom Evans wrote:
>> On Fri, 2007-11-02 at 10:23 +1030, Benjamin Close wrote:
>>> Howdy All,     
>>>        I'm pleased to announce the first 'official' experimental version 
>>> of the wpi wireless driver and hence require your help in making it 
>>> become stable.
>>> Expect a few things not to work (ie bg scanning, setting txpower) but in 
>>> general the driver should be usable in station mode (hostap is not yet 
>>> supported).
>>> If you've got an Intel 3945abg wireless card, grab the tarball at:
>>> http://people.freebsd.org/~benjsc/downloads/wpi/20071102-freebsd-wpi.tar.gz
>>> Untar and follow the instructions in the README.
>>> If you want more info about the driver, or to checkout the FAQ checkout:
>>>     http://www.clearchain.com/wiki/Wpi
>>> I'm interested in all reports related to panics, things not working as 
>>> expected, etc.
>>> The driver still has debug enabled so expect a few messages to be dumped 
>>> to the screen whilst in use.
>>> Finally, many thanks to all those that have been helping debug the 
>>> driver along the way.
>>> Cheers,
>>>     Benjamin
>> Hi Benjamin
>> I had a chance to compile the new driver at lunch time today. The driver
>> loads semi-successfully - no errors, but it reports 25 'bus_dmamem_alloc
>> failed to align memory properly' warnings. It can then be brought up,
>> but attempting a 'ifconfig wpi0 scan' hangs. 
>> /var/log/messages (attached) reports 'wpi0: fatal firmware error'. 
>> ^T reports:
>>   load: 0.08  cmd: ifconfig 84691 [sbwait] 0.00u 0.01s 0% 704k
>> This is running RELENG_7 from 26/10/07.
>> I am fairly sure that there is no wifi connection available in the
>> office though, so I will also try again tonight, sitting the laptop next
>> to an AP.
>> Regards
>> Tom
> One thing I didn't mention: this was using latest code from p4, not the
> tarball. I'll try both the tarball and the p4 code tonight.
Changes between the two are very minimal, though if the tarball does 
work on your laptop but the p4 doesn't please let me know and we'll work 
out why.


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