[ANNOUNCEMENT] Wiki for discussing P35/IHC9(R)/SATA issues set up

Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 09:52:26 PST 2007

LI Xin wrote:
>>> Let's see what the "issues" on the wiki:
>>>  - Mis-numbered adXXX on SATA drives
>>> This is non-issue.  It's well documented in ata(4) that you can change
>>> the behavior by removing the anti-foot-shooting option ATA_STATIC_ID
>>> from your kernel configuration;
>> The default behaviour should be fixed if it is so easy then.
> How come the number is so important for you?  What do you think if you
> have to drop into single user mode and adjust fstab manually and the box
> is several thousands of miles away from you after a simple 'make
> kernel'?  I think changing this behavior is a big POLA and not the right
> thing to do.

It prevents certain automated config issues that may or may not be
issues as stuff moves more mass market... I know FreeBSD unlike Linux
has no aim to be a non-techinical enduser OS but I find my self
increasingly recommended it as the prefered UNIX desktop enviroment
because so stability and the general ease of using the ports/pkg system
compared to RPM's... sad to say many of the end-user oriented tools
occasionally make naive but critical assumptions about how a machine is
layed out.
>>>  - Wrong SATA type/speed reported
>>> More information is needed if you really want to have this problem
>>> resolved, like atacontrol output, etc.
>> See the SATA ihc9 and previous threads if you really need to know all
>> the messy details but the bottom line is I have been told by several of
>> the ATA developers that since they do not have IHC9 machines P35/IHC9
>> owners where on their own (and thus the need for informal group the wiki
>> is aimed at)
> Please provide links on the wiki if you really want it to be useful.

I am at the end of a long day so I will dig the links up and post them
tommorow (and send you copies)
> I think the only ich9 issue I am aware of so far is that a specific
> model of it is not recognized.  This is fixed in HEAD and RELENG_7.

If you don't have an ICH machine I invite you to get one and verify the
issues ;-)

>>>  - PATA/SATA co-existence
>>> Is the PATA chip supported by the driver?  What's its PCI IDs?
>> You accuse me of not doing my research... a simple search of the various
>> threads these issues have come up will tell you that:
>> 1. Yes it does show up (I can even boot from it) but it is complete gone
>> from dmesg (even verbose), pciutil, etc.
> Ditto.
>> 2. The answer to the type/speed type issue from the commuhity is the
>> same one I got here
> Is the problem still exist for latest RELENG_7 and RELENG_6?  Who can
> provide some basic testing for a new snapshot?

I csup my version of -CURRENT every day (do a buildkernel anytime there
are more then 10 commulative changes):

FreeBSD monster 8.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT #1: Sat Nov  3 21:33:49
EDT 2007     aryeh at monster:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/MONSTER  amd64

and do a build world about once a week plus a ground up rebuild of all
ports twice a month... in other words I am as current as anyone and the
issues still persist.
> No, it does not help if that's just "it panics", "foo is not supported"
> if no detailed information is provided and we don't have our hands on
> the actual hardware.

I have submitted the complete verbose dmesg, pciutil -l and everything
to several people and all of them have come to the conclusion that there
is no obvious smoking gone beyond ("it just doesn't work")...  Thus the
comment of ICH9 owners are on their own... Next time I reboot I will
send you a copy if you really want it.
>>> Also I would like to say that it is much more useful if you will have
>>> someone who donate the proper hardware to sos@, our Mr. ATA.  He is very
>>> knowledgeable about the driver and ATA/SATA stuff, and a very responsive
>>> person.
>> 1. I will have to look it up but I think he is the one of the people
>> that told me p35/ihc9 owners where on their own.
> Again, it does not make sense if we don't even know how to contact these
> users.

I will pull this data when I get in tommorow.

Aryeh M. Friedman
Developer, not business, friendly

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