[PATCH] Overriding rc.conf in loader

韓家標 Bill Hacker askbill at conducive.net
Sun Nov 4 13:57:58 PST 2007

Marcin Wisnicki wrote:
> On Sun, 04 Nov 2007 16:08:30 +0000, Marcin Wisnicki wrote:
>> With it, you can override any rc variable from loader.conf by prefixing
>                                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^
> Err, I meant loader prompt. Doing it in loader.conf would be kinda 
> pointless ;)


Actually, it is loader prompt that's 'kinda pointless' from 12,000 miles away, 
whilst customizing a few rc'ish things - *locally* - not via patching everyone 
else's *BSD universe, has worked well for a VLT.

Think of an extra ATT/Linux style 'runlevel' (their usage, not ours) that gets 
you to an austere multi *first* so you can at least be assured of remote ssh 
capability and a usable CLI editor (mined, compiled static) even if you've 
broken something heavier or a secondary RAID array has gone walkabout.

Lotta stuff being done in rc that can be deferred. Especially if it requires 
libs on a slice that might sometimes not get mounted.... sshd to name one.

Essential, given the cost of airfare, time enroute, and decent IP kvm's or IPMI 


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