running BOINC with sched_ULE

Pav Lucistnik pav at
Sun Nov 4 13:30:40 PST 2007

Rene Ladan píše v ne 04. 11. 2007 v 15:33 +0100:

> Running BOINC (net/boinc-client) using sched_4BSD works fine.  When I switch to sched_ULE,
> these anomalies occur:
> * the net/boinc_curses window comes up very slowly, updates are quite sluggish
> * the science programs (setiathome, einstein, simap) loose track of the hartbeat from time
> to time, resulting in restarting processes.  According to top, restarted science processes
> run with either (NICE=i31, PRI=171) or (NICE=19,PRI=8).
> * the load avarages in top fluctuate around 4 instead of 2 (there are 2 concurrent science
> processes on an otherwise almost-idle dualcore laptop).

I had the same thing on 7-CURRENT with ULE. Looks like the science apps
(CPU intensive workers) get bound to cores and starve the boinc-client
(the controlling process) out of the picture.

Boinc-client should be getting some share of the CPU time. Does not help
setting boinc-client to "higher" idprio than the science apps.

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