atapicd regression

Astrodog astrodog at
Sun Nov 4 01:10:49 PDT 2007

On 11/4/07, Amar Takhar <verm at> wrote:
> src/sys/dev/ata/atapi-cd.c r1.194 really broke how cd's work on my laptop, a few
> things happen when I use this revision:
>   * when inserting a CD, mount /cdrom returns an immediate I/O error, while
>     before it would wait for the cd to be read then mount it.
>   * the eject cli utilitiy returns 'device busy' in every situation, wether the
>     cd is mounted or not.
>   * when i finish reading a cd and umount it, it's impossibly to manually use
>     the (physical) eject button on my cdrom until the cd has completely spun
>     down.  before the eject button would stop the reading immediatly and eject.
> I can confirm that going to r1.193 restores previous functionality.
> This is a laptop, a Dell Inspiron 8600 from 2003-11-16, Intel ICH4 chipset
> (82801DB).  I've also confirmed with a couple of others that they have hit this
> problem as well, all laptop users.  The only other person that hasn't had this
> problem is a desktop user.

Just to add a data point, an ICH6-based laptop (Acer Aspire 3620) does
not see this behavior.

--- Harrison

--- Harrison

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