regression with gmirror, Promise SATA and 7.0 ?

Thierry Herbelot thierry at
Fri Nov 2 19:56:51 PDT 2007

Le Friday 02 November 2007, Pawel Jakub Dawidek a écrit :
> > Thus, it seems that the combination of this Promise controller and the
> > SATA disks has issues (there was a thread about Promise controllers and
> > ZFS, but with no clear conclusion).
> Just to clarify. There is no regression in gmirror. This is ATA
> problem/bug, which was reported so many times already.

agreed (as I said initially : the Promise+SATA combination seems suspicious)
> > PS : I was also burnt by the forced conversion of gmirror metadata from
> > v3 to v4, which makes it tricky to backtrack to 6.x, once a 7.x kernel +
> > gmirror has been booted once.
> I'm not happy with with metadata auto-upgrade, but it just makes things
> so much easier. You can always boot your 6.x to single-user mode using
> disk directly (it should not change anything on disk) and just run
> 'gmirror label' again.

This is exactly what I did after remembering that initial "providers" are 
still bootable (I could also have prepared a non-gmirrored install for 
Releng_7, but this was not mentioned in UPDATING)

	Thanks for your good work


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