PCMCIA RS232 card

Bachilo Dmitry root at solink.ru
Fri Nov 2 04:25:53 PDT 2007

Good day, All.
I wonder if there can something be done to make the subject work.
When I plug it in it says:
cardbus0: <simple comms, UART> at device 0.0 (no driver attached)
As far as I know, FreeBSD supports this type of cards (with puc driver?), but 
I've tried hard and got nowhere. It is an "STlab RS232 Serial adapter". 
What additional information from me is required?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Dmitry Bachilo
С уважением, 
Бачило Дмитрий
Руководитель отдела системной интеграции
ООО "Компания Солинк"
root at solink.ru

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