kernel panic

syle ishere syleishere at
Thu Nov 1 17:37:33 PDT 2007

I've had a few headaches lately with amd64 on my Dell 2650 server, but been slowly solving them.
I've noticed a few things about options in make.conf breaking things lately to.
For instance, setting CPUTYPE to k8 explicitly in make.conf will segfault the port
mysql-server50 soon as you try to start it up.
Installing pine4 port with Maildir patch will also crash unless you manually incorporate
amd64 patch from this site, before building.
I've emailed the maintainer of the maildir patch, but this person has as of yet, not bothered responding.
Qmail from ports will also crash unless you tune 2 things 1) softlimit setting needs to be increased
to allow qmail-smtp more memory when running it and 2) you must patch qmail from ports with the
following : or you'll never
send a peice of mail without it segfaulting. 
I know these issues are offtopic with loader but it shows to demonstrate setting options in make.conf
does cause alot of problems, and moving to amd64 isn't a quick fix for anything.
I've now removed any CFLAG and CPUTYPE lines out of make.conf permanently. It was causing more problems than good.
I'll try and test my i386 laptop later today without any make.conf options as well to see if your on to something there pluknet.
> Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 15:35:50 +0300> From: pluknet at> To: jhb at> Subject: Re: kernel panic> CC: freebsd-current at; syleishere at> > On 25/10/2007, John Baldwin <jhb at> wrote:> > On Thursday 25 October 2007 01:10:33 pm syle ishere wrote:> > >> > > I tried testing this. Added> > > LOADER_FIREWIRE_SUPPORT=yes in /etc/make.conf> > > (cd /sys/boot/i386 && make clean && make && make install)shutdown -r now> > > All was great it the loader worked!> > >> > > To test this wasn't my imagination:> > > I took that line out of make.conf> > > (cd /sys/boot/i386 && make clean && make && make install)shutdown -r now> > >> > > And got same problem system not booting.> > >> > > Good catch pluknet, hopefully we can get this code compiled into the loader> > as a mandatory fix> > > for now.> >> > That seems odd. I would make sure you really have a clean build, and I would> > build from /sys/boot, not /sys/boot/i386.> >> > --> > John Baldwin> >> > Yes. I've just checked that loader brokeness is influenced by> -funroll-loops in make.conf> > wbr,> pluknet
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