Problems with gjournal or something else.

Artem Kuchin matrix at
Thu Nov 1 01:37:12 PDT 2007

>> My point here is that since it is and example of configuring a gjournaling 
>> onf
>> existing system then this 'gjournal label da0s1d da0s1e' will always fail.
>No. It will fail only if your file system is using the last sector. UFS
>operates on fragments, so if your disk/slice/partition is not
>fragment-aligned it will work.

So, i shoot myself in a foot and got all those error=5 because in my case
i put journal in the same fs and cut 1GB of data from it, right?

>> Of course it says the warning, but basically, condidering that it overwrites
>> last sector+1 GB of data on existing FS there is actual configuring on
>> existing FS. It is simply destroying it.  

>The example is using separate provider (da0s1e) for the journal, so it
>only needs one sector from da0s1d.

Ah! i see.

What about porper journal size? Any recommendations?

Also, please,  take a look at "BIO_FLUSH on twe driver" thread.


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