[PATCH] The current csup sources

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Thu May 31 12:44:42 UTC 2007

Quoting Balwinder S Dheeman <bdheeman at hotmail.com> (from Thu, 31 May  
2007 16:50:19 +0530):

> Hi,
> I think, the manpage /usr/src/contrib/csup/csup.1 is dated and, or have
> not been updated per current csup sources.
> Plz find enclosed herewith 2 tiny patches for the same and apply, if
> appropriate.

I don't think the s:sup:csup: is ok. I think it is supposed to be  
compatible with cvsup. For the /var/db part it might be ok.

> I'm sorry, I shall not send any PR to the Gnats/FreeBSD PR system,
> because it is insecure and, or does not obfuscates mail addresses of
> the users and hence encourages spammers.

How is the "not obfuscates mail addresses" different from a mail to  
this list? Replacing <empty>at<empty> (in our archives) with an at  
symbol is not rocket science and any mail address harvester which does  
not do this is not worth the use (let alone other mailinglist archives  
which don't obfuscate the addresses but archive our public lists).  
Additionally a spammer just needs to subscribe to this ML and he gets  
a lot of addresses which work without much effort, so the common  
knowledge is, that it is not worth to obfuscate the mail address in  
GNATS (the PR is also send to a mailinglist, so it is available in  
multiple ways you don't have control of).

What do you mean by insecure?


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