The mailman bug

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu May 31 11:13:28 UTC 2007

Quoting Balwinder S Dheeman <bdheeman at> (from Thu, 31 May  
2007 16:08:06 +0530):

> Hi,
> I think, the mailman (mailing list manager/server) at
> is not handing and, or correcting the headers
> well. It is therefore difficult to filter and, or process messages
> coming from the mailing lists.


> IMHO, if and, or when a user sends a message to a list address as CC,
> the mailman should exchange and, or correct the headers To: and Cc: by
> applying some fuzzy logic so that the receivers may filter messages
> from the lists by looking at To: header only.

What's hard about filtering with the List*, Sender or X-BeenThere  
header entry?


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