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Julian Elischer julian at
Mon May 28 06:58:54 UTC 2007

M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>             Julian Elischer <julian at> writes:
> : I finally rebooted my old laptop on a -current from about 3 weeks ago.
> : (I did the rebuild then but the machine has been off since)
> : and ta-da!  no network card..  it is a Dell inspiron 7500 with 
> : a pccard 'ed' device card..
> : 
> : Was there anything broken 3 weeks ago WRT old ed driver cards?
> : or pccd?
> : 
> : It come up saying "unknown card type".. Which is odd
> : as it always used to knwo what to do.
> : 
> : This machine has a local CVS mirror on it so 
> : even though it's offline, I'm rebuilding from 2 months ago..
> : (I couldn't just reboot to the old system as there is really only just 
> : room for one kernel directory on the root partition.)

2 months ago seemed to be a problem too so I'm going back 6 months
(I'm SURE it worked fine then) and I'll work forward.
I almost shot myself in the foot with the 2 month reversion as there was
some library foo that caught me.. I had to install some libraries by hand
for some reason..

I was certain I'd had a more recent system, on this laptop but I notice that 
my kernle.old is from the end of October.. Shows how much I've been using the 
systems at work instead of my own freebsd systems..

> : 
> : More info when it comes back online
> I think, but am not sure, this is related to some changes John made to
> acpi resource allocation.  I get weird port allocations due to some
> questionable assumptions on his part...  I've not had time to look
> into this in detail, but I see it on all cardbus cards that allocate
> I/O ports.  All of the ones that only do memory work great.

Once I get the machine up again, 
is ther a date I should aim for to try isolate this problem?
And is there any specific information that one would need
to help? 

> Warner

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