fun fun fun. no networking

Julian Elischer julian at
Sun May 27 19:34:49 UTC 2007

I finally rebooted my old laptop on a -current from about 3 weeks ago.
(I did the rebuild then but the machine has been off since)
and ta-da!  no network card..  it is a Dell inspiron 7500 with 
a pccard 'ed' device card..

Was there anything broken 3 weeks ago WRT old ed driver cards?
or pccd?

It come up saying "unknown card type".. Which is odd
as it always used to knwo what to do.

This machine has a local CVS mirror on it so 
even though it's offline, I'm rebuilding from 2 months ago..
(I couldn't just reboot to the old system as there is really only just 
room for one kernel directory on the root partition.)

More info when it comes back online

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