[Regression] snd_emu10k1 doesn't work after GCC 4.2 upgrade

Yuriy Tsibizov Yuriy.Tsibizov at gfk.ru
Sat May 26 19:38:58 UTC 2007

Alexander, I'm working on it.
The only thing I can say right now, that it's -ftree-vrp that broke the code -- building with -O -ftree-vrp makes broken binary, while -O alone does not. 

(sorry for top-posting)

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Subject: Re: [Regression] snd_emu10k1 doesn't work after GCC 4.2 upgrade

On Sat, 26 May 2007 21:45:10 +0400
"Yuriy Tsibizov" <Yuriy.Tsibizov at gfk.ru> wrote:

> I've re-checked this problem today and it seems to be a real gcc
> regression. I had more pessimistic optimisation flags ( -O ) in my
> first tests and snd_emu10k1 was running without problems. If I build
> it with -O2 (default value for -CURRENT, with __MAKE_CONF=/dev/null)
> it is broken (I checked it on my Audigy card and it shows different
> problems from Live!, because it uses different code paths in driver).
> snd_emu10kx is not broken with both -O and -O2. I can't tell for
> shure, but there was no bug reports about broken snd_emu10k1 with -O2
> and old gcc.
> Yuriy
Show me the broken code. It is not that hard to isolate one if you
know that it exists. Above rambling does not cut it.
Alexander Kabaev

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