howto find build date for ports ?

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Fri May 25 20:42:29 UTC 2007

+-Le 25/05/07 21:42 +0200, Björn König a dit :
| Hello Bruno,
|> I wonder if there is a tool that can tell which prots were last built
|> before a certain date ?
|> Thanks in advance
|   find /var/db/pkg -type d -mtime +30
| lists all ports that haven't been touched for more than 30 days.

That's actually true, but it's not what Bruno wanted, in case you
portupgrade foo that bar depends on, portupgrade will change bar/+CONTENTS
to match the new foo version, and the bar directory will be updated.

I believe that find /var/db/pkg/ -name '+DESC' -mtime +30 will be more


Mathieu Arnold
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