zfs root is not mounted automatically

Barry Pederson bp at barryp.org
Wed May 23 16:44:51 UTC 2007

freebsd.ruomad at free.fr wrote:

> Not sure if it's the same ?
> The point is that the I get the messgaes
>    Trying to mount root from zfs:tank/root
> and the mountroot> prompt
> BEFORE the following messages
>    ZFS filesystem version 6
>    ZFS storage pool version 6
> If I enter : zfs:system at the prompt, it boots allright.
> On occasions, booting in verbose mode, I got the "version 6" messages before
> trying to mount root, and then everything just works fine.
> It's not the case since my last buildworld though :(

This jumps out at me from one of your earlier messages as being 
something different from what I've see on my fairly stock setup:

   fuse4bsd: version 0.3.0, FUSE ABI 7.8

Is that a kernel module loaded from your /boot/loader.conf ?  Have you 
tried without that?


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