em0 hijacking traffic to port 623

Sten Spans sten at blinkenlights.nl
Mon May 21 22:42:47 UTC 2007

On Mon, 21 May 2007, Ian FREISLICH wrote:

> Hi
> We've noticed an issue on our firewalls where the first em device
> in the system hijacks inbound port 623 tcp and udp.  The OS never
> sees this traffic.  Interestingly, em1 and em2 do not appear to be
> afflicted by this problem.  Some reading I've done points to a
> similar conclusion:
> http://blogs.sun.com/shepler/entry/port_623_or_the_mount
> I've looked at the bios, but I can't find any settings that remotely
> hint IPMI or RMCP+ or serial-over-lan.
> Does anyone know how I can stop the card or system from stealing
> port 623 in hardware or must I just stop using em0 (and/or Intel NICS)?

Does "ifconfig em0 promisc" help ?
That fixed firmware related vanishing ipv6 packets on fxp and em.

Sten Spans

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