HEADS UP: OpenSSL problems after GCC 4.2 upgrade

Simon L. Nielsen simon at FreeBSD.org
Mon May 21 20:36:16 UTC 2007

On 2007.05.20 02:27:22 -0400, Alexander Kabaev wrote:

> there were several reports of OpenSSL being broken when compiled with
> GCC 4.2. It turns out OpenSSL uses function casting feature that was
> aggressively de-supported by GCC 4.2 and GCC goes as far as inserting
> invalid instructions ON PURPOSE to discourage the practice.

"Interesting" choice - oh well.

> Consequently, OpenSSL need the patch similar to attached one to work.
> Just in case mailing list will eat the attachment, the patch can be
> found at
> http://people.freebsd.org/~kan/openssl-gcc42.diff
> Unfortunately, our OpenSSL maintainer(s) are currently en-route from
> BSDCan and cannot attend to the matters. Once we figure the best way to
> fix the code and to integrate the fix into OpenSSL, we will check the
> fix info CVS. People are advised to patch their sources locally until
> then. 

I had hoped to be able to test and commit today, but I'm too beat from
the trip from Canada to be able to do this until tomorrow (it's very
high in the priority list to get this done tomorrow but I don't know
how hard the jet lag will hit this time).

I haven't seen enough reports of this patch working to be really
comfortable committing the patch without having had a chance to try it

Other people who try this patch please report any success/failure.
Success can also just be reported in private mail.

Oh, and in case people were wondering - I'm not a "vendor branch
purist" wrt. OpenSSL, so getting the patch commited once I'm sure it
is OK isn't a problem.

Alexander, thanks a lot for looking at this!

Simon L. Nielsen
Hat: OpenSSL janitor

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