Problem compiling xorg-server{-snap} on recent -CURRENT

Michiel Boland michiel at
Mon May 21 18:28:43 UTC 2007

>> My build of xorg-server died. The box ran out of swap space. I have
>> 512M RAM + 1G swap. Someone please tell me this is a glitch in the new
>> gcc. I don't want to add ram just to be able to compile a simple
>> program. :)
> The quick fix is to build at a lower optimization level.  Advanced
> optimizations can be very memory-consuming, especially when compiling
> unusually large source files, or source files which contain unusually
> large functions.

Ok, that appears to do the trick. Compile without any optimization at all. 
But I wonder: what is the point of a huge object file with 10000 or so 
symbols, of which I most likely will use only one or two? I thought the 
whole point of the new xorg was the modularity. (I'm afraid I'm getting a 
bit off-topic now, so I will quickly stop my ranting here. :)

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