ZFS committed to the FreeBSD base.

Claus Guttesen kometen at gmail.com
Mon May 21 17:00:04 UTC 2007

> > > I dont suppose that there are any other tunables people could suggest?
> > sysctl kern.maxvnodes=50000
> >
> > Also, disabling atime on all ZFS file systems will greatly improve
> > performance and reduce the frequency of ATA stalls.
> Does anyone seen this problem on amd64? Because after discussion with
> ups@ at devsummit, I don't think this is a problem there. UMA uses
> direct mapping on amd64 for small allocation (just like vnode
> structures).

I have just done a clean install of current (amd64) and upgraded to
gcc 4.2 and installed xorg with /usr/local, /usr/src, /usr/obj on zfs.
No problems, except that one particular file would make my system swap
1.1 GB a couple of times before the file eventually compiled :-)

When I tried to generate a xorg.conf file my machine stopped and I had
to push the reset-button. I thought it was a mix of zfs and X so I
moved /usr/local from zfs to ufs and disabled zfs and rebooted but it
still stopped.

After I copied an old xorg.conf X would start fine. So it was probably
due to a bad probe. I'm compiling kdebase atm. and still no need to
adjust settings.


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