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Bruno Damour freebsd.ruomad at
Wed May 16 05:59:00 UTC 2007

Yes but :
1- zfs devices do not show up in the list
2- I have vfs.root.mountfrom="zfs:system" in boot loader and BTW you see 
in the dmesg that kernel is trying to mount root on this device
3- I also have a unique entry in /bootdisk/fstab as recommended by pawel

What seems to happen is that I get the messages about zfs version AFTER 
the mountroot prompt, which suggest that it is not yet fully up when the 
kernel tries to mount root at first, but then if I specify the root at 
the prompt it works

 >You can mount at mountroot> promp, using command either 'help' or '?' 
 >and then <TAB> (->) for completion.But probably you can also use 'man 
 >fstab' to adjust file /etc/fstab with property "auto" to have your 
 >devices automounted.

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